Sunday, October 29, 2006

Scene & Heard: Art

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E/AB editions and artist books

Two great places to check out works on paper, prints, and artists books in NYC0
Where: The Armory & The Tunnel
When: This weekend (November 4 & 5, 2006)
Why: because it's worth it.

Favor: Communication

I have a favor to ask. The next time you find yourself in conversation with someone- and it is not going smoothly, would you mind writing it down and sending it to me? I am compiling a bunch of scenarios where people feel that they are being mis-understood. I am interested in how words mean one thing in one tone of voice and a whole other thing in another tone. I am also interested in the use of e-mail and text messaging as a form of communication that involves no actual contact via voice or body between two (or more) people. If you feel as though you have one of those "communication" situations; pass it my way. Feel free to change names to keep the innocent protected! This will be on-going for awhile- so if nothing interesting happens for a few weeks- I can wait! Ideally you would e-mail me (jessicarit@gmail.com) these situations... other arrangements can also be made! Thanks so much! And, spread the word- your friends communication issues are also welcome!

image from Woody Allen's Manhattan


To all of you who braved the crappy weather & the l-o-n-g drive out to Glassboro, NJ-
Thank You. Your presence meant more than I can express in words.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Scene & Heard: Art

I was walking around my old hood the other day & decided to cut down 4th street (Fabric Row) and just see what was going on in the windows of the various stores. I came across the Falling Cow Gallery whose window I had peered through a few months back as Candy Depew was installing her work. I never actually made it inside the gallery for that particular show- and then, due to an over-whelming amount of work I took on the past few months I am finally just now getting my butt over there. Which is fine with me because I caught a glimpse of a really great show. You'll have to be quick though- it's over tomorrow! Imagined Heritage features the work of Alana Bograd, Caroline Falby and Fay Ku. The surface quality, attention to detail and intimacy of all three artist's work is beyond satisfying. I suggest you add this place to your list of "places to see good art" here in Philly. Their next show looks equally as promising! I'll keep you posted.

image shown: Torch Girls drawing by Fay Ku

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Two Times a Week- I wish....

Dirty minds; I'm referring to blogging. The past month has been a series of late nites at the studio finishing all the things I want to finish for my show. Though I'm exhausted, the last month has got my creative brain going in over-drive. Always one to take on too many projects at once- I had to sit down with myself last night and say- self, not every last idea needs to manifest itself for this show. Take it easy- do what you wanted to do & save the new ideas for things to come. It's hard- as an artist we constantly want to out-so ourselves before we have even finished the thing worth out-doing. It's important to spend time with your work & let it fester for awhile inside your head before you decide it's time to re-invent your idea again, even better. I somehow feel that it's this time- the 2000's, that make us jump from one thing to the next- always searching for something better, and never quite satisfied with what we have in front of us. It always has to be bigger, flashier, hipper than the next guys. The creative days are few and the competitive days are many. Internet searching of what is going on NOW, has replaced leisurely reading of historical events in the past. What are we all rushing for. Life is beautiful, but only if you take time to notice it- and take a moment to share it with someone. With that, I urge you all to go outside- it's freakin' beautiful today and then go rent Manhattan by Woody Allen. I watched it in the wee hours of this morning and it refreshed my attitude towards life. That man is nuts, and I love it!

image: sneak peak of decor(ate)
for more sneak peaks of my show check out my girl joy

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Come One (Come All) and Bring Your Friends

It's that time.
My very own solo show at Rowan University. Please try to make it to my opening on Friday October 27th from 8-10pm. Rowan is in Jersey so click for directions. I'll have lots of new works on paper and really fun stuff for your home. (Think pillows & curtains!) I'll have food and of course drink! Please let me know if you need some more info! Look forward to seeing you all!