Thursday, March 08, 2007

Check Her Out

Hilary Price makes the best hand-made wallets and check book covers I've seen in awhile. Made from hand-painted canvas and found fabrics- each wallet has it's own great set of colors & patterns. I was lucky enough to have a custom made check book cover- I suggest you check her out this weekend at the Shadow Craft Fair at the Black Floor Gallery in the ICA. {see below post} She's sure to have a color scheme and pattern to match your style... and so affordable- there's not much great hand made work out there for $20.

Nothing to do this Sunday?

Check this out: Shadow Craft Fair
When: Sunday March 11th
11am - 5pm

Where: Black Floor Gallery @ the ICA {scroll down!}

Why: Because you should check out Hilary Price's awesome wallets and check book covers in person!