Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Check Her Out: Yumi Kim

So.... I was in Atlanta this past weekend (again, for those of you who read often!) Now- does this sound familiar to anyone... my BF forgot to mention that he had planned a dinner with his business partner & a couple other friends for one night that I was visiting and that we had a baby christening to attend... In fact, his exact words to me on the phone were "pack light, jeans, T's and sneakers as we will be staying in and ordering pizza and movies this weekend... (we're on a budget...) So, I arrive, with one small bag, a few T's and long sleeve cotton shirts and some pink puma sneakers... completely not appropriate for aforementioned events! So... shopping we must go! (so much for the budget!) He took me to Lenox Square - tres chic!
Of course there was an Anthropologie!
and of course I found a million options to go with there! I settled on a great blouse by Yumi Kim. I love, love, love it! Her prints are great! "inspired by vintage prints & silhouettes...with a touch of funk and urban femininity!"
This picture doesn't do it justice! The strips on the V-neck are also along the bottom of the blouse! Great pinks and golds! I highly suggest checking her out!

Ps... How about that intense salad we ordered! It had grilled apples, shrimp, tons of veggies and mixed greens with a great vinaigrette! So good!

Thursday, January 25, 2007


legs on a wall- do this, everyday- give those feet a break!

This is my Horoscope for today, Thursday, January 25, 2007.
It's time to splurge. That doesn't mean putting your credit card through the wringer or playing hooky on all your duties. Why not indulge in the ultimate luxury and give yourself some much-needed time off?

This is actually very similar to something that we talk about at PPY (the yoga studio I teach at.) We teach a more physically intense style of Vinyasa Yoga in a heated room. Sometimes I noticed my students (and myself) pushing themselves past their own edge and into a grey area of discomfort and competition. It's times like this that I may remind the class that sometimes in life, it's actually more difficult to give yourself a break than it is to continue to push yourself past your edge. Especially if you're in a group class, no one wants to be the first person to drop into Child's Pose, no one wants to be the one who steps outside the room for nice breath of fresh, cold air. But, if you can let go of your ego, give yourself a nice break, than you are actually practicing yoga. For the practice is not just the asana (pose) but also the mindset, the practice of letting go of habits, tendencies & ego.

So, give yourself a break. Step away from the computer, put down the homework, leave work and work and when you get home tonight, take five minutes before you turn on the t.v., get into a deep convo with your room mate or loved one, and give yourself the wonderful gift of a time out, a break. You all deserve it.


Check It Out: Must-Have

Last night, amongst good friends, food & drink I saw, in person, the shirt I had been eyeing on Moonblood, one of my favorite sites for must-have T's. The shirt in question, Antique Scroll, immediately stood out on the site for me- and then, when I got to see the amazing detail in the drawing in person- well, it's a MUST-HAVE for me! Check out their other great new styles, Super Hero, Feather Flight, and Tutunic...

Feather Flight in Scarlet
Antique Scroll in Peach-Tea

Friday, January 19, 2007

My First "Borrow"

I saw this on seamsters and although I usually don't "borrow" from other people's posts, I am so into this couch that I have, have, have to say something about it. I really am interested in just how many patterns you can make work at the same time- that don't, necessarily, "work" together. This is a great example- now, convincing my boyfriend that this would look great in our living room... not as simple!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

More More More - How do you like it?

I can't stop. I'm sorry. But, Paul left me a message which led me to his blog which made me check out his links which is where I checked out Kati with an I loves you (and can we talk for a moment about how I just LOVE the name of her blog... which led me to check out a shopping site she boasted about coolhunting which finally, (I promise) led my eye to the great work of Susan Bradley. Outdoor Wallpaper. Simply ingenious. After being in suburban home central down in ATL- where on every corner there are those housing developments not unlike the Stepford Wives Community... You know, where, if you were having an off day, you might actually drive to your neighbor's house because it looks EXACTLY like yours from the outside! Now you can stand out- decorate from the outside in! Awesome.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Check It Out

Yesterday was the first day of classes at Tyler. And, when I asked my class if they saw any decent films over the break, in unison they replied Children of Men.
I say we all go see it.

On My Mind

I have wallpaper on my mind. The resurgence of great pattern for the wall is so inspiring to me. I frequently ask Google to help me find great things on the internet and with no fail I was led to the site for Wallpaper News. A bi-monthly mag about all things wallpaper. It's a great site that offers not only fun images but great links to companies/products related to wallpaper. I've definitely been on the site for a good hour now and need to get back to work...
Oh the internet. How I love you and yet you constantly keep me from getting anything done in a timely manor...

Monday, January 15, 2007

Oh Warm Weather

I got home from Atlanta this morning and I already miss it. It was 70 degrees and beautiful there my whole trip. I have major spring fever and don't know what I'll do if it actually gets cold here... so, in a tribute to the beautiful weather, as well as all the fun things I saw in both Boston and Atlanta I am giving you some warmth in the form of a cute dress. I'm thinking this spring and summer I am gonna be all about the dress. Now, if only I could afford these... hmmmmmmmm.... enjoy! Oh, and how about those really cute boots with the fun sock/legwarmer looking things!

All images found on shopbop

Monday, January 01, 2007

Minorly Obsessed

I can't help it. I live by my horoscope. And, the yahoo scopes are my favorite right now. It is my go-to site when I am wondering just what might be in the air for me. You can not only check your scope for the day, but for the day before and after as well. And then there is the weekly, the monthly... plenty for those of you who may obsess like me! I love, love, love it.


I love how life just drops things in your lap. I was having an oh-so-professional business meeting in Brooklyn last week- at none other than- yup, Starbucks- when the woman next to us buried in her laptop overheard our conversation about blogs... and chimed in that she, as well, writes a blog. To further the coincedence, she had seen my work on ohjoy! I love this small world of blogging! So, do yourself a favor- and check this swiss transplant to NYC out!