Wednesday, September 27, 2006

It's 7:19am and I'm already thinking about dinner

This evening I am checking out Vintage. So, I will let you know what I think later this week. But, I've been meaning to say something about food & drink- since it's my most favorite thing to spend my money on! Last week I went to BYBLOS (www.byblosphilly.com). It was my second time there- and I have to say that the food is really quite good- and if you stick to the left side of the menu (also known as tapas) and go with someone that will share with you... then you're also in for a treat on a budget! There tapas are about $5 -$7 bucks and the fattush salad is $5 and it's amazing! Now- you have to be into things like hommus, babba, feta & olives. Oh- and amazingly large and really yummy martinis. (Though our waitress mentioned that the bartender was new- as our drinks took a little while to appear. Maybe she hadn't been trained on portions yet!) The downsides- because there always are is that this place gets CROWDED and they start the DJ thing about 10pm- which in my opinion is still dinner time! So, it can get a little loud- you might not want to go there on a first date- unless you call it a night by 9:30pm. They also offers hookah and late night food until 2am on Fri & Sat. There site will tell you everything. Enjoy.


Scott said...

dead linke here it really is.

BitterSweetDesigns said...

scott- you are so on it! Thanks. It's fixed now!