Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Instead of "You Are What You Eat" How about "You Are How You Decorate"

I'm exploring the ideas behind how the decor in your home correlates to your personality/personal life. And I was just wondering- do we, as artists/designers, make things that we, personally like? I know I do. I consciously choose to surround myself with images that I enjoy, that I would want in my home- and they are almost always so perfectly beautiful in form & color; acting as a cover-up for the yucky, messy, reality I sometimes find myself in. Comment away- and of course, send me images of your work that may relate to this subject.

For some inspiration- and a much needed break from my computer.... I hit Urban Outfitters only to stumble upon their extra 50% off sale. I picked up the below plates- 4 for $15. (and a pair of jeans...) Now- you can't tell me that the home decor world is not full of art and vice versa.


kati said...

Jess, I am obsessed with thost plates. They are so gorgeous. Also, I just wanted to say that I'm now checking this daily, not only to be a creep, but because i'm very interested in your reccomendations etc.

Paul said...

did you take a photo of your plates then add a border in photoshop?!

BitterSweetDesigns said...

yea paul- actually I used illustrator (and it is the bomb).