Monday, May 07, 2007

I Could Eat Brunch 24-7

My most favorite type of place to eat at is a great brunch spot. One of the girls from my yoga studio who used to live in Atlanta recommended the Flying Biscuit to me for brunch. Greg & I checked it out on Sunday before a grueling day at Ikea trying to furnish our "too big for us" home on a serious budget. {More on that later this week!}
Amy was so right on! I had to get the Eggstra-Ordinary - 2 eggs, potatoes, grits and the signature Flying Biscuit with Apple Butter for $5.99! I was also tempted by their signature chicken sausage so I got a side of that. Greg opted for the Piedmont Omelet - three large farm fresh eggs with chicken sausage, turkey bacon, sauteed onions & cheddar cheese - again served with potatoes and a biscuit. We both got OJ and our bill was $17 and change. Maybe the south really is better!
Our wait time was the traditional 30 min at 10:30am on Sunday morning. But there were some cute things to window shop in the neighboring stores and the hostess parked out front of the place was fairly entertaining {read- hung-over & college aged!} The place is small- but has a really nice outdoor section & a bar for singles! Over all this place ranks high on my list of brunch places making me feel a bit more at home already.

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katiwithanilovesyou said...

our opening went reallly really well at the crane!