Sunday, April 08, 2007

For my new home!

For those of you who may not know me personally, I am making the move south! As of May 5th (or maybe the 6th depending on leave time & traffic!) I will be a resident of Atlanta, GA. Interestingly enough, I was actually born in Augusta, GA but only lived there a quick 6 mos. before moving to Delaware. I'm so excited. And- even more exciting is that I am moving into a house! Goodbye 600sq feet hello 3000 sq ft! So much wall space to work with- and my amazing boyfriend is letting me have free reign over all the wall-art decorating! This weekend I met up with my long-time friend Candice whom I have posted about a few times. She and I had been talking about trading since the last time we did we were in college! {Think '01!} I've always been enamored by her work. She was one of the first artists that I really looked up to. {Candice was getting her MFA in Painting from MCA while I was getting my BFA their in Printmaking.} I remember thinking to myself- this girl's work is amazing! Anyway- we made a trade & I got Bunny Love - a water colour and gouache on paper! Stay tuned- when I get down to ATL I'm going to frame it... I'm thinking a cool oval frame... I'll post again when it happens! Thanks Candice! I'm loving it!

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