Thursday, January 18, 2007

More More More - How do you like it?

I can't stop. I'm sorry. But, Paul left me a message which led me to his blog which made me check out his links which is where I checked out Kati with an I loves you (and can we talk for a moment about how I just LOVE the name of her blog... which led me to check out a shopping site she boasted about coolhunting which finally, (I promise) led my eye to the great work of Susan Bradley. Outdoor Wallpaper. Simply ingenious. After being in suburban home central down in ATL- where on every corner there are those housing developments not unlike the Stepford Wives Community... You know, where, if you were having an off day, you might actually drive to your neighbor's house because it looks EXACTLY like yours from the outside! Now you can stand out- decorate from the outside in! Awesome.

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