Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Check Her Out: Yumi Kim

So.... I was in Atlanta this past weekend (again, for those of you who read often!) Now- does this sound familiar to anyone... my BF forgot to mention that he had planned a dinner with his business partner & a couple other friends for one night that I was visiting and that we had a baby christening to attend... In fact, his exact words to me on the phone were "pack light, jeans, T's and sneakers as we will be staying in and ordering pizza and movies this weekend... (we're on a budget...) So, I arrive, with one small bag, a few T's and long sleeve cotton shirts and some pink puma sneakers... completely not appropriate for aforementioned events! So... shopping we must go! (so much for the budget!) He took me to Lenox Square - tres chic!
Of course there was an Anthropologie!
and of course I found a million options to go with there! I settled on a great blouse by Yumi Kim. I love, love, love it! Her prints are great! "inspired by vintage prints & silhouettes...with a touch of funk and urban femininity!"
This picture doesn't do it justice! The strips on the V-neck are also along the bottom of the blouse! Great pinks and golds! I highly suggest checking her out!

Ps... How about that intense salad we ordered! It had grilled apples, shrimp, tons of veggies and mixed greens with a great vinaigrette! So good!


katiwithanilovesyou said...

i'm in love with you.
i dare you to wear that shirt to school and silkscreen with me.


Paul said...

umm... are you sure its yumi Kim you want us to check out?!