Friday, November 10, 2006

I'm really into text

So, I realized in the last couple of months, that a once enemy of mine (in the world of art that is) TEXT, is now- like my total best friend. I was once a firm believer that text should stay in the book or in the ad.
I have seen the light- text in art = amazing.

Check out these intelligent & humorous T's that one of my students made. They were hot items so they may be gone now. But, she's onto something here & is currently in the second stages of a similar project. Maybe she'll tell you where you can find her latest work. (These T's were put around the Tyler School of Art campus with the ever-popular "FREE" sign attached. Needless to say, they were snatched up in a hot second.) I, of course, chose the "Critique" Shirt. After all, that is what they pay me for. The "Ruler" T was a close second of mine, always battling out which small line is what!

Siobhan can be found at siobhan7@temple.edu. She's smart, and funny. I'd get to know her, if I were you.

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Paul said...

Siobhan has inspired me